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Abuse Policy

Please read this response in its
entirety for further instructions if you need to contact a person..

This message contains information on this remailers policies and procedures for dealing with abuse complaints.

This system contains a remailer which automatically and completely anonymizes and forwards e-mail. The message sender's identity is unknown, unlogged, and not replyable (even to us). We can not suspend a user from this system, as we do not have user accounts to suspend. The remailer merely forwards messages from other systems and does not know the identity or source of the original message sender.

The remailer service on this system serves an important purpose for many of its users who could not otherwise express themselves freely, or who need to discuss sensitive personal topics. Of course, it is not intended to annoy or harass. In case you have received an unwanted message, the remailer offers an easy to use method to prevent this from happening again. To block this remailer from sending mail to your address, please send a message containing the line: DESTINATION-BLOCK to <>.

Depending on the time of day, this may take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours. If you do not get a message from the system telling you your address has been blocked, try sending the message again later .

Additionally, if you have more than one address that you would like us to block, you can add the following line to your message, replacing 'user@domain' with your additional address or addresses:

destination-block user@domain
destination-block user2@domain2
destination-block user3@domain3
destination-block userN@domainN

This system will try to detect duplicate messages to usenet and deny their posting. However, that detection system is NOT foolproof. Please notify the admins <> if excessive duplicate messages are sent by *this* remailer. We would appreciate a complete copy of the message(s) in question, with headers intact to facilicate a more complete response to the complaint. Reports of duplicate messages sent thru other remailers or usenet-gateways will be ignored (we can't do anything about systems that we don't operate). As above, please send that information to: dingoadmin AT dingoremailer DOT com.

We do not censor or filter based on content. Requests to do so will be ignored.

This includes usenet trolls and requests to censor "offensive" content. Our best advice for dealing with usenet trolls is to ignore them or setup filters to block them on your usenet client, such as killfiles. If some content bothers you, only you know what filters work best for you. When dealing with "trolls" remember that trolls want your attention. Don't give it to them. Nothing hurts a troll more than to be ignored. No matter how difficult it may be, ignore them or killfile them. "Offensive" content can not be censored in advance. There is no technology to do this effectively or accurately. Legitimate content will be censored erroneously and "offensive" content will still get past the best censorware. So in either case, the solution will not accomplish either of its goals (let the "good" content out, delete the "bad" content). The bottom line on this issue is that its not possible to censor or filter out "offensive", "obscene", "hateful" or any other objectionable content in any effective way in advance, so don't ask us to do this. It can't be done correctly (technologically or ethically), therefore we won't do it.

Requests for the identity of persons that use the remailer will not be responded to because we have absolutely no way of determining that information ourselves. The purpose of anonymous remailers is to make it impossible, for everyone, even the administrators of those remailers, to determine the identity of the persons that choose to use it. It is impossible to identify who is using the remailer, because the message is already anonymized *before* it reaches this server. The remailer merely forwards anonymized messages for other remailers, so we can never know who the original sender was. This message serves as our response to such requests, as we would only be reiterating this message again (and thereby wasting your time and ours). We do understand that some people do not understand what remailers are, or how they work and we appreciate your understanding in this area. We do not know the identity of the sender. If you have questions about how remailers work, and why we do not know the identity of the person(s) that use this remailer, please reference the URLs at the end of this message for an indepth technical explanation about how this remailer works. Additionally, the remailer does not have any information on the persons that use it (such as logs) which might facilitate the discovery of or would assist in identifing the persons that use it. So please, don't ask for that information, it doesn't exist either. Please see the URLs at the end of this message for more information about untracability if you need additional information to verify this assertion.

If you are seeing "annoying" posts in usenet, you may wish to contact the mail2news gateway involved, and see if it is possible for them to block the message. This contact information is frequently in the message headers under the X-Mail-To-News: header.

More information about blocking addresses:

If you wish to block other addresses you can do so by including one line of the type "destination-block user@domain" for each address. As a postmaster, you can block anonymous mail to your entire domain. To do so, please use the line "destination-block @your-domain" and replace "your-domain" with your domain. For instance, if you wanted to block all mail to your domain, blah, then you would send a message "destination-block @blah". If you do not want to read anonymous messages in mailing lists or newsgroups, please consult the manual of your mail reading program. The software will allow you to use `filters' or `kill files' to avoid being bothered by messages you do not want to read. This is always the easiest and most effective method for filtering out unwanted messages and, unlike all other methods, it leaves you the user in full control. For more information on how to do this, please see the following URL: .Or read the documentation that came with your news reader client.

Purpose of Anonymous Remailers:

It is easy to store electronic mail for a long time and to search huge amounts of data for information about people when they do not expect it. Thus, the information society may pose a hitherto unknown threat to everybody's privacy. In totalitarian regimes sending critical messages may even cause a threat to the senders' lives if their identity ever becomes known. For that reason, anonymous remailers have been developed. Remailers use cryptographic methods to conceal the origin of messages. Each message is sent through a network of anonymizing servers so that not even the remailer administrators have any information about the origin of the message. It is impossible for a remailer operator to determine the original sender of any message. More information is available from the following URLs:

Technical information about untraceability: Legal information about online anonymity:

Legal information about liability of ISPs for the content of
e-mail and bulletin board postings by their users (such as this
remailer ):,1283,36012,00.html Legal information about use of "offensive" speech:

If your request was not addressed above, or you need additional assistance, or have further questions, please feel free to send e-mail to: dingoadmin AT dingoremailer DOT com. Please make sure that any message you send to the admins of this system is in English. We do not have the capacity to respond in other languages and messages not in English will be deleted (as we can not read them or at least read them well enough to reply clearly). We are always striving to be good netizens, so if you have a comment about we can make this service better or you have constructive comments on how to prevent abuse of this system (please make sure you understand how remailers work and the limitations that places on us), please feel free to contact us as well. Thank you for contacting us. Please do not hesitate to contact the remailer administrators as explained above or if you have any future questions.

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