Dingo Configuration

For the curious among you this is the equipment and services that bring you the Dingo Remailer:


-----> Dedicated 350Mhz Pentium II PC running Win98SE with 384 Mb RAM, 3Gb disk space
-----> Backup machine 1.8 Ghz Pentium 4


-----> PGP 6.5.8 ckt
-----> Mixmaster 2.04b46
-----> Reliable 1.0.5, w/ Frog and Farout mods
----->MDaemon 7.0.1 mail server w/ SSL
-----> Scramdisk 3.01a
-----> Tardis 4.0 (Keeps all machines synchronized to the atomic clock)


The dedicated machine handles the load most of the time. The outbound SMTP connection can be routed through either one of two or both local SMTP servers, or sent on to other SMTP's.

Stats are processed every 4 hours, and refreshed/uploaded every 30 min, 24/7.

Mail is picked up from the pop site every 60 seconds and processed.