Anonymous posting through the Dingo Remailer is easy! Prepare you message like you were going to mail it, but substitute ANON-POST-TO: or POST: for the TO:. Use ANON-POST-TO: if you are using a CPunk or Type-I (PGP based) remailer, or POST: for a Mixmaster or Type II remailer.

Dingo allows the use of the FROM: directive or header. In other words if you put From: Bozo <> in your headers, that is what will show up in the newsgroup.

PLEASE use a test group to test your posting ability, such as alt.test, misc.test, etc. DO NOT post test messages into "live" groups.

You may find the list of usenet groups that Dingo can post to here. (Warning - Large list!!)

Points to remember:

The double colon :: at the begining of the message MUST be in row 1, column 1.
All the lines that are NOT your message must be in column 1, meaning the "A" in Anon-Post-To:, the "S" in Subject, the first # in ##, etc..
Blank lines are necessary, before the double hash mark ##, and between your hash headers (Subject, From, etc) and the body of your message.
HTML and MIME encoded posts will be silently rejected and destroyed. You will receive no notification that your mail failed.


Anon-Post-To: alt.test

Subject: My little test
X-No-Archive: yes

This is just a test message to test the posting ability of Dingo.

Example with a From header:

Anon-Post-To: alt.test.9

Subject: Test with a from
From: Bozo <>
X-No-Archive: yes

This test comes from Bozo!!