Major Events in Dingo's Life

3/04/04 There have been a lot of changes - upgrades to hardware, and software. Dumped DNS2Go, managing my own IP and MX records.

6/15/03 Dingo now supports TLS

3/1/02 Dingo gets new professional grade SMTP/POP server software.

1/8/02 Dingo gets a static IP number,, and doubles upload bandwidth

12/03/01 Discontinued "Finger" protocol. Totally unused

10/04/01 Applied "NP-04" patch to Reliable, enabling "remailer-adminkey" requests

9/20/01 Doubled storage space for SMTP forwarding (holds mail when server is down) from 6Mb to 12 Mb.

9/18/01 Upgraded Mercury/32 mail server to v.3.30.

8/20/01 Added finger capabilities

8/9/01 Added 16 Mb Ram to Dingo.

8/6/01 Running my own POP server and SMTP service. If you want something done right, do it yourself, right? Switched Dingo for hopefully the last time. Dingo's final email address is Published new keys.

8/5/01 I was right! Registered the name "" with InterNIC, download Mercury/32 and start experimenting.

8/4/01 Uh oh, looks like trouble brewin' at God almighty, can't I find someone to just provide decent POP mail service?

7/30/01 I put up the Dingo Remailer website. Nothing fancy, just keys, configuration, an abuse policy, the usual.

7/24/01 Dingo's address changes again from to Keys change again, but everything looks good this time. is not a free service, so they should be better, right?

7/21/01 More changes. Dingo's address changes. The email service I was using apparently has some unpublished quotas. Dingo's address goes from to

7/21/01 Dingo's first key change. Based on advice from other operators, I changed Dingo's information to all lower case. This required a new Mix key.

7/20/01 The Dingo remailer is born!